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Lisa Barry - Mission Led Content Academy AND Nail Your 2023 Message 3 Week Bootcamp PLUS Bonus Content workshop worth £22 (CLOSES 25th Nov 2022)

The Mission Led Content Academy
Nail Your 2023 Message
3 Week Bootcamp (Plus bonus session worth £22)

£603 payment plan available (£48 per month for 13 months)

The offer ends Friday 25th November because the Bootcamp begins the following Monday.


The MLC Academy is a self study online course that comes in two parts - messaging and practical writing lessons with templates.
It isn’t JUST a self study course though. You don’t have to do it alone. You also get access the following weekly events for connection and inspiration to stay on mission and to keep improving.

  • Networking
  • Q&A
  • Live lesson from the Academy content
  • Write WITH me workshop

But remember, this offer is more than the Academy. The NAIL YOUR 2023 MESSAGE BOOTCAMP includes:

  • 3 weeks of intense Mission Led Accountability
  • Starting Monday 28th November, you will schedule 2 hours a week to do the work Lisa sets you.
  • For 6 hours a week Lisa will open her zoom room for coworking sessions so you can do the work WITH HER BESIDE YOU!
  • You can use these sessions to ask her questions, ask for feedback or simply have the focus to get stuff done with others.
  • An evening, afternoon and morning session is available, if you put your name down for one and you don’t turn up - LISA WILL TEXT YOU HERSELF!
  • A bonus place on a plan your content for 2023 workshop that she will sell for £22 in December.

Finish the week before Christmas with crystal clear clarity on your 2023 message and a plan for what you are going to say and when and the enthusiasm to take you into the festive season with a smile on your face.

Because you have a plan that will change the world for your business and those you impact.

Are you joining the Mission Led Content Revolution?



For small business owners who want to write better content without being a pushy arse.

Join Lisa Barry's community to support your mission-led content creation (and be part of an amazing group!) 

The Mission Led Content (MLC) Academy is for…

✔️ Business owners who want to get better at writing their own sales copy without being an arse.
✔️ Business owners who are short on time but determined to have a bigger impact.
✔️ Business owners that like the idea of a self study course but worried they won't do the work without support.
✔️ Business owners who need an affordable option right now but that doesn't mean they are not committed?


What is in the MLC Academy?

  • It is a self study course WITH support.
  • You get lifetime access to the content that includes...
  • Starter kit - for inspiration
  • Quick writing wins - for instant improvement
  • Message and mission - to dig deep and get clear so your copy is more compelling
  • Content marketing hub - store and organise your content to make life easier
  • Templates and prompts - so you never run out of things to say
  • Bonus content...
    • Email marketing
    • Website copy
    • Blogging
    • Repurposing
    • Sales pages
    • Plus weekly live interactive events so you feel supported (recorded if you can't be there).
    • Q and A - don't be left in the dark
    • Networking with a copywriting twist
    • Guest expert
    • Monthly masterclass

YES! UNTIL 25 November The Mission Led Content Academy AND Nail Your 2023 Message 3 Week Bootcamp £603 - PLUS payment plan available (£48 per month for 13 months) and get Lisa's Workshop Bonus worth £22 FREE.



Around the Pandemic, I was struggling with my message as I pivoted my business like a yoyo in and out of all the lockdowns.

I found it hard to put my business into words, to get other people to understand what I did and how I could help them.

This was frustrating as I know when I do get the chance to work my magic - it is magic!

But then Lisa comes into my world.

Lisa is the founder of the MLC Academy and I can genuinely say her training and support really helped me find my voice.

As a result of working with Lisa I have become clear on my mission and how to communicate that to my audience, I  have become more sure about what I can serve with than I ever have and made some of the best business buddies EVER who are all seriously aligned with my way of thinking.

I have now become an affiliate of Lisa’s Academy which was brilliant as I was already recommending her to others, now if my friends and connections but through my link I do make 20% of the sale (straight up transparency here) and in 2022 I will be donating half of any commission I make to the Trussell Trust Emergency Appeal to provide essential food and household goods in the cost of living crisis.

I will be earning but I wouldn’t be recommending it if I didn’t believe it.

Those business owner friends of mine who want to get better at writing for your business and getting leads online - Check the MLC Academy out.


TOP Reasons to join Lisa Barry’s Mission Led Content Academy

  1. The self study course has everything you will need to get better at writing content for your business
  2. There are weekly events on zoom so we can connect, keep learning and be held accountable
  3. Once a month you can pick Lisa’s brains if you are stuck on anything. It is self study but you are not left unsupported.
  4. There is bonus content on website copy, sales pages, email marketing, repurposing and blogging.
  5. I am in there with you!!!
  6. I wouldn’t recommend something unless I believed in it.
  7. I love the community and support we all get there as members and I would like more of my friends and connections to join.

Yes, this is an affiliate link and I do get a % of the fee if you join through me (and half will go to charity) but I genuinely believe in Lisa and the MLC Academy so I am happy to share and still sleep at night.


PS I am here if you have any questions - email 

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(Keep an eye out as I will be adding new apps and courses I use in my own business regularly!) 

Remember some of the links earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you AND selected links will support charities which help those struggling in the cost of living crisis. 

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