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PODCAST: My 30 Seconds Of Fame on Denise Duffield-Thomas Chill and Prosper Podcast

Hey Lucky Bees....well that is lovely Denise Duffield-Thomas's opening catchphrase (though as a 'B' for Bentley it really clicks with me too).

DDT as she is affectionately known is a money mindset coach, mum and recently identified as being ADHD. She has a fab attitude to making money (hurray!) which is good with me as we need money to help us sustain ourselves, our families, our clients, out communities and the world. 

In this episode, DDT goes back in time to talk about her very first year in business. Well worth a listen...plus...I got the opportunity to record a piece for her podcast about my takeaway from her book, Chillpreneur.

Feel free to listen to the entire episode or FF to 24 mins and 30 seconds, if you are intrigued as to my piece of advice!! 

Here you go - enjoy!

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