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PODCAST: How to PreSell Your Course (and make ££££ before you write a word)

It breaks my heart - so MANY people saying, I spent months building my course or service - now, how do I market it? And because it didn't sell, they only got people to use it FOR FREE! 

I totally get it - you want it to be perfect BEFORE going public (in case anyone picks holes in it - spoiler alert - they don't).

I can think of a handful of occasions you may write a course up before you have a hint of a market - but for most, use your audience to guide your course....

My passion led me to be asked by the wonderful people at MemberVault (yes, the people who operate THIS platform you are on right NOW!) to share how I sold out my first group course, using MV - without writing a WORD of course content!

It is absolutely the way to do it and in this podcast I share my story and give you top tips so you can do this the big arrow below and listen away!

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Top Tips to Make £££ BEFORE you launch your course

Download your own handy copy to read (if you are not a lover of Podcasts or need to listen and read at the same time - I aim to please!)

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