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Rachel's Inspirational Notepads and Journals

I relish gorgeous stationery, writing and exercise books, planners and journals...so I have created some for you to buy.

I use my own cover artwork in everything I do so have a browse below...Amazon gifts me a small commission which costs you nothing when you use this link...it helps me keep my free resources just that - free! 

Here is a list of currently available products click the image to find out more or to buy now.

Best Selling Journal:

Faff2Focus//90 Journal: 90 Day Tracker Journal Notebook

Imagine - time to truly explore your purposeful goals, your priorities - and yourSELF.

How would it feel if you could get complete clarity, laser focus and phenomenal drive impacting your whole life?

To create a transformation in yourself, a revolution in your thinking?

What if you gifted yourself a whole 129,600 minutes to nail it. That's AGES! What might you achieve in that time?

The Faff2Focus//90 Journal is here to share your journey over the next 129600 minutes...2160 hours...90 days...

This 90-day tracker will gift you time to craft irresistible CLARITY, PURPOSE and DRIVE to start to release your potential.

Dare to dream...and don't stop there...


Snowflakes - Frozen Inspired Notebook - softback 120 Lined pages 


Snowy Pennines Notebook - Softback 120 Lined pages             

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Rachel's Published Books

Take a look at what I have on the list of my published books right now!

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