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"Her warm and compassionate character & genius mind make her an incredible person to work with"

LAST CHANCE TO BUY (31.8) SO Marketable 12 Week 1-2-1 Coaching and Mentoring Program From £400 per month

Running a business can be tough.

Marketing, marketing, and more marketing.

So many hats to wear.

So hard to be heard on a background of noise and worry about climate and the cost of living. 

Yet it is the right time for people like you who serve others to BE heard, to HELP others - to stand with the people who need you.

It will be uncomfortable to talk about it - the same for everyone, not your fault - and that is when you know you need help, support and courage...just as Brene Brown said...

“We have to be able to choose courage over comfort, we have to be able to say, 'Look, I don't know if I'm going to nail this but I'm going to try because I know what I'm sure as hell not going to do is stay quiet."

My role is to help you take control and gain courage. 

  • Control of your brand by providing clarity and focus on who you are as an expert professional. 
  • Control of the apprehension around being visible. 
  • Control of getting money into your business to help you and your loved ones whilst supporting your clients and others you feel drawn to help: earning whilst learning and creating ripples for good.

I work with new coaches and consultants who realise they need right now to start and quickly grow a business using their expertise, and those ready to scale up, but who have got stuck at an upper income limit they really need to break through.

Together, let's find the right plan for you to grow your business organically - on your unique path with a clear strategy and personalised marketing plan.

To create the feeling that you are SO Marketable, everything else will follow with ease and flow...


Time to find a new way forward, starting now! Time to make some noise...to NOT stay quiet any longer...

And I say this without a wish to create false scarcity, there genuinely are limited spaces as most clients rebook with me....and this 1-2-1 SO Marketable 12 week program must be retired by the end of August - new clients starting their program either in August or September 2022 latest.

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Say hello to your future!

Hi, I am Rachel Bentley - the Small Business Marketing Coach.

Small Business Marketing Coach is my personal brand of marketing coaching for smaller business owners who are ready to grow their revenue as an entrepreneur and expert professional - to become bigger business owners.

My work is a blend of supporting you to grow and scale your business profitably, ethically and organically. I do this by teaching them how to get clear on themselves as a brand, so that they can use their uniqueness to attract aligned clients on repeat. I walk with them on their path, not drag them down mine.

This is not a blueprint, a system or a get rich quick scheme.

But there is a framework based on sound business and marketing proven techniques with which I am intimate.

I am a businesswoman of 30 plus years, a corporate escapee myself, setting up smaller businesses for me, my associates, my clients and consulting for owner operated SMEs, a Chartered Marketer and a Master's-level Professional Leadership Coach and Mentor with hundreds of people through my courses, groups and 121 programmes.

I am not a flash in the pan, or carbon copy of a multitude of online coaches, all who offer a one dimensional marketing or business experience which they fell lucky with - and a tiny proportion of followers have success. It is easy to get lost in big groups they offer - working with me individually means you DO NOT HAVE ANYWHERE TO HIDE! 

That does not suit everyone - work with me and we do this together. That means I do not do it for you...so think about that before working with me - it is not me working for you, or you working for me...you will need time aside from our sessions for implementation and action.

Helping you grow personally and professionally

Sign up now and I will help you create a focused plan that supports your vision, and execute it with laser-like precision so that you can get back to doing what you love: running your business OR leaving it the capable hands of others so you can enjoy freedom with loved ones doing all the things you thought being a business owner would give you...

Join my SO Marketable VIP 121 Program now from £400 per month:

In this 12-week program we work closely together so that I can truly support and help you create a marketing and growth strategy that sticks.  The program is delivered online (Zoom) in private, 1-2-1 sessions, so you can set aside really important time just for you, to work on your business not just in it. 

Each time we are together I provide space for you to air current issues to help discover quick win solutions, review where our work together is taking you and crucially we think strategically ahead, with a plan after every session to get you moving forward into FOCUS, CLARITY and DRIVE.

There is NO SET SYSTEM OR BLUEPRINT BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY DO NOT MIGRATE WELL - we spend time on FOCUSING on you, your goals, your unique strengths and passions and you emerge SO Marketable instead.

It is this combination of strategy, action and accountability which will build the success you deserve.


  1. 1-2-1 time with me exclusive to you in a 12-week supported program to get YOUR goals as quickly and as painlessly as we can make it - totally YOUR journey based on my proven framework.
  2. TWO options to suit different budgets - VIP and Standard - both providing the same level of AMAZING support and value just providing different amounts of private coaching and mentoring time - from just £400 per month.
  3. Both are geared to help move you forward towards your dream goals really quickly saving YEARS of your time - totally worth it COMPARED WITH costly group training programs which do not even treat you as an individual and can leave you feeling short changed.
  4. Unbelievable transformations from current and past 121 clients and 5 star reviews.
  5. Virtual support and accountability between sessions via email, text or messenger as agreed.
  6. A MAXIMUM number of exclusive 1-2-1 clients taken on at any one time - so you are GUARANTEED my undivided attention, to maintain quality and ensure access to me personally - not a video in a Facebook group with dozens vying for attention.
  7. Flexibility to move your allotted hours to provide breaks subject to prior agreement.
  8. Most 121 clients stick with me so please book as soon as you can to secure your spot as they go quickly, or be added to the waiting list.


If you don't like our time together or it isn't serving you, then you can leave at any time giving 48 hours' notice in writing before a booked session and only pay for the sessions you have had - if I need to refund you, I will do that with no quibble (and no admin fee.)

SO Marketable 12 Week 1-2-1 Coaching and Mentoring Program is truly transforming and will give you access to a range of valuable additional resources at no additional cost.

Superb Value

The price for this amazing opportunity for individual support from me is well within reach for visionary smaller business owners who are ready to self-invest - and we will aim to get this money back as a return on investment within our 12 weeks together.

Starting at just £400 per month here is the deal:

Two Options:

SO Marketable VIP

A total of 12 Sessions of 75 minutes each over 12 Weeks 1-2-1 Program Payable Monthly for 3 Months (3 x £700 = £2100) PLUS access to me between sessions via email, messenger and text with turnaround of up to 24 hours weekdays. Amazing 900 minutes of personal time with me (plus VIP access.)

SO Marketable Standard

A program offering 6 Sessions of 75 minutes each over 12 Weeks 1-2-1 Program Payable Monthly for 3 Months (3 x £400= £1200). Total of 450 minutes of 121 time.

It is YOUR time.

  • If all this program did for you was to get you back on top of your business, your marketing and your sales wouldn't it be worth it?
  • If all this program did for you was to share the burden of leadership, wouldn't it be worth it?
  • If all this program did for you was to save you time, to help you work smarter, to increase your profits at a lower personal cost to you, wouldn't ALL THESE fabulous reasons be worth it?  

So are you ready to take your personal and business development to the next level?


SIGN UP NOW...Please sign up now using the button at the bottom of the page.


HEADS UP: I accept a limited number of 121 clients at a time to assure quality and attention - there are a SMALL number of places left - any questions please book a free 15 minute consultation.


Once you have signed up, we work closely together in our sessions.

All for you to gain personalised support to develop and implement YOUR strategies and YOUR plans.

Not a large online group and one-size-fits-all (except that it doesn't) system which will not work unless you happen to have hours to study it, spend extra money to apply it EXACTLY like the leader did, and try to keep accountable all by yourself (except perhaps a monthly video call from the 'coach' but never personal attention...)

SO Marketable sessions are ALL 121 over Zoom and bespoke to YOU and your NEEDS, WANTS and DESIRES so that you can maximize your time, have zero (almost!) questions about your direction of travel and to know that you're not alone. 

READY? Be great to work with you, please sign up now and don't let another minute pass you by.

Please note that there are limited spaces and this 1-2-1 SO Marketable 12 week program must be retired by the end of August  - new clients starting their program either in August or September 2022 latest.

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Payment Options

 SO Marketable VIP - 12 x 75 mins Sessions over 12 Weeks 1-2-1 Program Payable Monthly for 3 Months (3 x £700 = £2100)
 £700.00 GBP  ( then £700.00 GBP for 2 months )
 SO Marketable Standard - 6 x 75 Mins Sessions over 12 Weeks 1-2-1 Program Payable Monthly for 3 Months (3 x £400= £1200)
 £400.00 GBP  ( then £400.00 GBP for 2 months )

How do you want to pay?

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I consent to have this website store my submitted information so I can be kept in touch about this product and I understand that by submitting this form, I am going to be subscribed to the Small Business Marketing Coach email list and occasionally receive e-mails regarding the news, ramblings and offers from the Small Business Marketing Coach and other interesting stuff. I also take specific note of the following:

  • I understand that I can unsubscribe anytime from the GENERAL list but that the organisation will need to be in touch about this product.
  • I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and I have read and agree to the following Coaching Agreement:

Coaching ‘Agreement’ We Will Be Working With:

This sets out ground rules to support our working relationship.   This applies to the specified service description in this MemberVault hosted site on the day you signed up for this specific service (you may wish to take a time stamped screen shot of relevant information for your records.) The parties referred to are Pinecroft Holdings t/as the Small Business Marketing Coach - specifically my duties at the Coach, and you, the client and applies also to your company if you are using that entity to pay. 

All sessions will take place over Zoom or suitable video meeting equivalent agreed by both parties using a stable and secure network to dial in. This must be in a private home or work type setting not a public area like a cafe or co-working space or travelling (even if it is in your own car.) This is because I need you in the moment and in the space I hold for you so you can get the very best from the investment you are making in yourself. Thank you.

Session length and duration of the service will be as described, however this can be adjusted if needed and agreed by both parties in writing.

At each meeting there will be a loose agenda as follows:

  • Any live issues which may impact the client currently.
  • What has been achieved by the client in the period since the last session.
  • What needs to happen including options and ideas and outline of the next steps.
  • Up to 3 specific action points agreed by both parties to help the client progress.
  • At the end of the session the date of at least the next planned session will be confirmed.

Within 2-3 working days (excepting holidays or illness) the client will receive an email with a short note about the meeting and the agreed actions plus the next session date confirmed with a link. If any action needs to change or cannot be completed the client must keep the coach informed so they can be further supported or the pace slightly altered.

It is expected that the client will make their own full notes and any notes kept by the coach will be held securely in print and online in accordance with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If needed the client is permitted to record the session with the coach's knowledge and express agreement on the client's device or cloud storage and will be their responsibility.

Cancellation and Refunds - please see Terms of Service and Privacy Policy - please note 48 hours’ notice is usually required but I recognise things can change and I am usually able to rearrange, subject to 'fair use'.  Please note that an appointment NOT kept and NOT cancelled or rearranged subject to my terms is an appointment you are contracted to pay for even if it is missed. It helps keep you accountable to the process and pays me for my time which I cannot offer to another client.

VIP ONLY! Between sessions the client will have access to the coach via email or text (prefer written rather than voice notes/ansafone message unless specifically agreed for accessibility). If it is something that needs a short discussion (less than 10 minutes) a telephone call or short email discussion is included within the service - subject to 'fair use'. If the discussion takes more than 10 minutes time will be drawn down from the Coaching Support agreed in the specified service. If that happens, the client will be kept informed.

By checking the box you agree to the above Coaching Agreement and Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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