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So many of us are living life on auto-pilot, wondering where the days are going as time moves so fast. Pressure from all sides AND from ourselves, trying to do too many things in too little time - and never achieving anything at all. All we end up with is busy-ness - no time to truly explore purposeful goals, priorities - and lose ourselves in the process.

I use my own experience to help with fast, faff-free and focused techniques to help you prioritise. Faff2Focus//90 Tracker Journal breaks down what truly can be confusing and conflicting intentions and helps you create your own customised BIG goal for the next 90 days. Then, simple and easy to follow sections help you to plan fast action, by just taking small steps each day AND keep track of your daily activity.

The Faff2Focus//90 Journal is here to share your journey over the next 129600 minutes...2160 hours...90 days…plus a BONUS exercise is available to help you use Rachel's Four Pillars For Success to get clear on your REAL priorities.

This 90-day tracker will gift you time to craft irresistible CLARITY, PURPOSE and DRIVE to start to release your potential. Dare to dream...and don't stop there...

Curious about what I am reading and other titles I have published? Take a sneak peak at my Book Shelf - click HERE to get access

If you use the link here I get a tiny commission from Amazon which helps keep a lot of my resources totally free - thank you.

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