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"Her warm and compassionate character & genius mind make her an incredible person to work with"

Faff2Focus//90 Group VIP WAIT LIST

"I am so excited that you are going to discover how to get fantastic support from a likeminded group of people. It is time to STOP faffing and START making money."

Rachel B, the Small Business Marketing Coach

Are you the type of person that is proud to be running their own entrepreneurial business - but there are some specific issues holding you back? Does this reflect where you are right now?

  • You're a solo services business owner (yey!) but are fed up of doing everything on your own.
  • You're going round in circles in your business - working hard with little or no profitable result.
  • You've good intentions but never seem to finish anything (or even start something!)

It is time to have a long hard look at your situation...

  • What if it doesn't have to be so hard to make profit AND have fun in your business?
  • What if there is a way of getting together with others who share the same issues?
  • What if by supporting one another you can make a significant impact? (Impact (and profit) that is eluding you right now?)

I have a wonderful idea for you which COULD be YOUR solution to all these problems.

Faff2Focus//90 Group Accountability Program 

Discover how this program can help you focus on the MINIMUM and MOST IMPACTING actions to help you and your business. 

The ONLY actions to get those wonderful goals you crave in your home and work life.

Working with other owners of smaller businesses to share the great wins in your business - and get over your woes by sharing experiences. 




It is all about you - and helping you to STOP

  • STRUGGLING to get going
  • NOT ABLE TO HELP your wonderful clients because you are faffing about making everything look pretty.

BECAUSE when you are no longer alone...YOU CAN DO ANYTHING (Almost lol)

Four things to move your forward instantly...

  1. Save vast amounts of time and money avoiding the shiny things which are taking your attention to the MINIMUM actions you need to carry out to get profitable...
  2. Stop trying to make things perfect and learn about how being a rapid implementation NINJA is the big secret that NO ONE is telling you...
  3. Prevent overthinking BECAUSE IT IS RUINING your business opportunities which are passing you by...
  4. Learn secrets from my exclusive short-cuts to planning you need to get your service out there serving valuable clients INSTANTLY.


Scroll down to PUT NAME ON VIP WAIT LIST NOW button to sign up to WAIT LIST for free and get opening Early Bird offer when the doors open...

The people I work with get what they want:

  • More Energy
  • More Time
  • More Money

Want that too...? 

No application : No Big Ticket Price : VIP Wait List


“It's lit a fire in my belly and helped me tie everything together and realise that actually have a lot going on that has such huge potential that all my goals are totally achievable, as long as I don't lose sight, focus or determination.”

I have helped so many people in my coaching programs, mentored groups and workshops.

But sometimes, they get stuck in taking action, with the DOING…I know, because you told me and I listened (real examples):

  • I want to stop spreading myself too thin – I have too many choices of things to work on!
  • I want to be consistently motivated, not overwhelmed, and stick to a plan (how can I even GET a plan!)?
  • I want time to do the overall strategic piece and someone to bounce that off to keep me accountable.

I understand that:

You’ve specific money goals and life goals and want to shape your plans around those. It isn’t about 6 or 7 figure annual income but regular £3000, £4000 and £5000 months and more is what we are talking about.

You just want more time and energy to focus on the things and people you love - time to run your business rather than getting dragged into the doing.

You know HOW to plan, but need the drive to create it, action it, and keep accountable to it even if things go slightly differently to the original plan (which they will!)

You have some coaching, courses, and knowledge of how to plan – but all that is pointless unless you use it! Time, overwhelm and losing focus are all holding you back.

You deserve so much more.

That is where the Faff2Focus//90 Program will help.

A 90 day ‘Master Mind’ group for overwhelmed service providers who are fed up with faffing and want more focus in their personal and business lives. To get their goals, make some money and have time with their loved ones.

The power of the program is in the relationship of the group members, the rhythm of accountability and the revolution of ideas.

A harmony of minds creating more clarity, more focus and more drive than any one person ever could.

The offer is SO simple - no course, no coaching, no catch!

You get what YOU want by being part of a group where we all help each other – and much, much more.

Faff2Focus//90 is low cost, low time and big results!

My heartfelt mission is helping frustrated service providers, experts in their field, get fully booked by stopping faffing and start focusing on getting their dream goals instead.

I talk planning and getting goals - and creating simple and replicable actions based on individual strengths and passions - to get business booming.

I trained, mentored and coached thousands of people over 30 years and the one thing that just about guaranteed success for a special proportion of these people was not only learning, not only planning, but actually taking action and sticking with it…

You can do this - you just need a tiny push and some hand holding to get you over the line:

  • If you have great intentions in your work and your life which keep getting stalled…
  • If you set so many goals and set up a myriad of conflicting priorities you can't get on top of any of them…
  • If you‘re fed up with starting as you 'mean to go on' but getting waylaid after about a week…
  • If you have had it with procrasti-planning…

I think you will love Faff2Focus//90....and this VIP WAIT LIST gives you access to EARLY BIRD options when the doors next open.

This is totally unlike some group programs.

They can feel like a 'cover' for you to buy a self-led course at a high-ticket price with no more support than a lot of chat in a Facebook group which can be totally distracting and fizzle out your good intentions.

Instead this is based on YOU - and people like you who are busy and pressed for time - and money! 

So let's stop FAFFING and FOCUS on individual choice and collective accountability.  



A blend of unique goal setting, action planning and habit tracking PLUS fortnightly personal support from me

Not just the grind of business, but a plan for life. 

Imagine if you could be deeply supported with:

  • 100% pure live support from me and your peers to help you get on YOUR track and stay there
  • Exclusive fortnightly Zoom Room Faff Free Meetups  (To help you and your fellow F2F team members, we will expect you to come to every one of the meetings to support your fellow entrepreneurs even if you are sitting on a beach! It will make your habits stick and your involvement more powerful.)
  • AND FREE membership of a small online chat group in MS Teams to support the process and to keep us all on track including extra info, questions answered and motivation - plus occasional pop up coworking if we have enough interest. 
  • FREE e-journal - with the Early Birds on my Waiting List getting the pukka, best selling print copy for free!
  • Chance to be an affiliate and earn a residual income.

How would it feel to get that change in your life right now?

Simply sign up so together we can make a new start for you in 2022.

With a minimum cohort required of 12 people it means costs of running the group can be spread between many - not just one. The total price will be A FRACTION of the cost of group Master Minds - because we have one simple goal - to help you keep to your plans. (Price will be confirmed at the time of opening but will be 3 figures NOT 4 or even 5!)

Spread the Cost

When we open there will be a one off payment and a monthly option to spread the cost. 

No recurring fee or additional costs in this program. Nothing to pay to join VIP WAIT LIST and no obligation to join.

Put your trust in me and this group when it is available, and in return we will get you your life back.

You can choose to add your name to my VIP Wait List...or here are your OTHER 'OPTIONS':

  • Do nothing and stay as you are and get more frustrated and stay lacking in focus
  • Faff with even more courses or systems that add to the overwhelm and don’t get put into action and don’t earn their money back
  • Spend thousands of pounds or dollars on a ‘Six- or Seven-figure’ Master Mind with a big name in a huge group where you disappear into oblivion – just as your £££ or $$$ will go too…

Click below to join the Wait List for zero cost...

What people said when they worked with me:

  • I’m feeling better, more confident, more positive about myself, about how I can separate myself out from the crowd.
  • Seeing what I really want and what is important to me, it has been a huge help in getting me focused on earning money.
  • I can just shine from the position I already inhabit. If I can pull this shit off, I mean, when I pull this shit off, life will be epic!

Are you ready?

Add your name to the list right now....

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