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The Book Shelf

  • Curious about my publishing journey?
  • Intrigued by the books I read?

Read on!

The Book Shelf is my library of personally published books AND my favourites and recommendations. 

If you sign up now I will be filling the shelves with lovely titles, and I will email you a link to get directly back in here so you get the heads up on my resources, super helpful books to buy and inspo on how to do this self-publishing and e-book malarkey for yourself. 

My book journey in the last few months includes a groaning personal book collection of creative personal development books. I will be listing those out and popping links (some may earn me a small commission to help keep my free resources just that - free! - and for you will be zero additional cost).

And personally, I have had a truly amazing set of experiences - and when they 'come off' I will be adding links in here too....

Here is what has happened in the last few months...

  • I have an e-book publisher (not Kindle!!) interested in working with me...
  • I have my own plans to self-publish a guide or how-to series based on my Academy program content and all the collateral I created over the years of business and coaching I have carried out...I have not one but two journals/planners in production - one about to go live on Amazon.
  • The other is supporting my new low-cost group program Faff2Focus//90 (link in comments) starting January and needs careful planning before hitting the publish button...
  • I am rewriting my ebook Launch Online Today which has been the basis of a lot of my business over the past 20 months...
  • I have two notebooks already on Amazon (I will be adding these to the Book Shelf a library soon!)...
  • I am hosting a national (international possibly?) co-write from my 2021 course with the British Library exploring historical novel writing...
  • I am a member of 4 writing/book groups...

So please sign up to get instant access to my recommendations (my own published books are available right now) then I will keep you posted the moment I set up links or new recommendations in here....for now all you will get is a welcome message and a few links to have a look round...thank you! 

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Rachel's Published Books

Take a look at what I have on the list of my published books right now!

Keep an eye out as I will be adding new titles regularly! Sign up to view my recommended books and I will email you as things are added - and you can recommend your faves too!

Reading List

These Shelves are a curation of my current favourite books by other creators, coaches, experts and authors based on my philosophy of balance between four pillars:

  • Heart and Soul
  • Health and Wellbeing 
  • Creativity and Playfulness
  • Work and Money

I will be adding more titles and book reviews so keep an eye on here (links to Amazon include a small commission at no additional cost to you - helps to keep my free resources - free!)

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