Make RIpples In Your Business Instead of Just Splashing Around...

Find Your Why (and Gain More Clients!) FREE LIVE TRAINING

Find Your Why (and Gain More Clients!) FREE LIVE TRAINING

Find Your Why (and Gain More Clients!) 

FREE LIVE TRAINING 21-23 September 6pm BST 30 minutes in Private Facebook Group... interactive and on record to catch up later.

Vision. Goal. Plan. Act.

Isn’t it time you …

  • Actually ENJOYED your work?
  • Truly followed your own path?
  • Worked with a plan totally aligned with your why, your purpose, your heartfelt goals?

The reality is too many Heart-Led Coaches, Consultants and Creatives are NOT following their own path and are NOT ‘in flow’ in their business

That’s where my new mini webinar series fits in!

Join the elite handful of people who harness unbelievable clarity, focus and drive by aligning all their activity completely with the values of their inner self. 

And drawing gorgeous clients to them as a result.

I can (and will!) help...

Imagine yourself in 90 days from now…attracting aligned clients with your simple and time friendly targeted marketing.

All because you are clear and you are focused, purposefully driving towards your vision of how you want YOUR business - and YOUR world - to be...

Now, for the first time, this September, for free and revealed over 3 live sessions - I will help you Find Your Why...and Gain More Clients.

One vision + one goal = loads of options to gain new clients

Sign up today so you can shine your light in the world, like the person you were meant to be.

Find Your Why will help you create a heartfelt purpose aligned to your values and your vision. Together we will actively move you into creating a meaningful goal that you truly believe in.

In 3 free live online trainings just 30 minutes each, all interactive, supported with free resources.

All using my proven framework to guide you through the transition from VISION to GOAL.

How will it work?

The format means you can catch up at your own will because I will stream and record EVERYTHING on days 1 to 3 in a private group (Co-Works Canteen on Facebook) for your to watch at exactly the best time for you.

The resources will be stored in here.


This optional session offers you intimate guidance in a small low cost pop up Zoom group mentored personally by me, to transform your amazing Vision and achievable Goal into an aligned 1-page 90 day action Plan so you can Act in a completely focused way on your business through the rest of 2021.

Includes a lasting gift - your personal tools to keep that marvellous motivation going into the new year.

Day 4 is optional and will be a tight group of people who would LOVE to get their vision into action. There will be a limited number of guests and a nominal charge to allow me to bring quality support to the people who truly need it and are willing to put the work in right now.

Using my exclusive 1-page 90 day planning technique we will transform your dreams and goals into plans for action. 

What if I don't come to days 1-3 can I still do the paid for group session?

YES! However, you will get mega motivation from taking up both the paid for session and the free sessions.

How do I sign up for the paid for session?

First, please sign up here and and then look HERE AT THE OPTIONAL FAFF2FOCUS Session on 24 September and join for just £30 up to 21 September. (Already a paying client? You get the paid event for free too! Contact me for your coupon code.)

PS! Limited places on both events so don't delay, please sign up now! 

What Others Are Saying About Working With Rachel

"I have a clearer direction of where I need to be and want to be and I'm looking forward to putting it all into action." JW via LinkedIn 

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First off - if you haven't got round to it already!!

  1. Please check your inbox, spam, notifications or wherever you get your emails and make sure you know exactly what is happening when!
  2. Now, please join my Facebook Group (there are a few simple questions to answer!) where the action is going to take place:
  3. Complete this short survey to help me help you in our free event
  4. Watch for my emails telling you about new resources revealed in the week prior to the event
  5. SAVE THE DATES - 21, 22 and 23 September - 30 minutes live each day in the early evening (6pm GMT), recorded to help you find unbeatable motivation through knowing the inner why of you and your business journey
  6. Watch for optional paid for planning session on 24 September for half a day. More info coming separately
  7. Invite your friends by sharing

Please do take a look at the questions. All to help me get to know you and what you would like to get from your time with me during the trainings.

It may also help you to reflect on that for yourself too.

It is the sort of thing you can do in a few minutes or choose to take longer if you wish...

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