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But your head is just too busy to get your ideas off the ground?

And you really don’t want to share with friends, colleagues or family as they don’t “get” what you’re trying to do?

I know what it's like to get overwhelmed with choices and 'should's' in my business and home life…

…and I know how this can REALLY hold professional service providers like coaches, consultants and creatives RIGHT back in the starting blocks...especially when we are doing all this on our own with little or no support from others.

  • But what if you ARE ambitious? 
  • What if you KNOW you have something GREAT to share, but keep getting stuck on how?
  • And what if the excitement and anticipation is keeping you awake at night but you’ve no way of releasing this energy or making it work positively for you?

I can help 

Spend an hour with me and leave with a quick and simple strategy to get you unstuck. Gain clarity on a specific area in your business immediately.

  • Like finding the right time in your business/home life to cope with the pressures of both.
  • Like gaining confidence in your own strengths and how you can use those to gain new clients.
  • Like deciding on a 'niche' you keep being told you 'should' have but not sure why or how to identify one.*

*SPOILER ALERT I take you back to marketing basics because it is really all about solving the problem of clients you'd love to work with!


Pricing, focus, motivation, launching, exiting - so many different things you MIGHT like to ask.

BUT to make this work for YOU we will focus on the HIGHEST PRIORITY - just one thing.

This appointment is a one hour, one problem, one topic, one person, one time session.

Not sufficient time? Please do ask for info about my 121 programs for a deeper dive into you and what you need right now to take you and your business to the level you desire.


Using a blend of leadership coaching and marketing mentoring, together we look at one problem stopping you moving forward to create the vision of your business you desire.  

You will leave with

  • increased confidence
  • a focused action plan
  • a super boosted sense of energy to help the future you get your goals!

Sign up today so you can start making a difference to people you'd love to serve instead of splashing around in the problem.


By signing up TODAY you will leave with options to take the next steps forward and a plan for taking action to help you achieve your vision.  I will support you in whatever way suits you right now…just like the hundreds of other business owners I have helped.

Like VC:

Talking to Rachel gave me the clarity and confidence to follow my intuition but also go outside of my comfort zone in a balanced and realistic way. 

Like SJ:

Rachel is awesome. She helped me focus and rethink what I thought I knew. 

Or like CG:

[Our] meeting has left me absolutely buzzing and raring to implement new ideas.

Let's get started...just sign up now and we will organise your session so you can get my undivided attention to help you on your path.



I am SO excited at spending time working 1:1 on YOU.

See you soon!!


There are no sly hidden terms with me so here's the low down (more in full Terms of Service when you sign up).

  1. There will be some short pre-work (30 mins max) ahead of our session - instructions will follow when you sign up.
  2. You get ME to help YOU privately and with no pressure.
  3. Cancellations or rescheduling available up to 48 hours before the session so you don't feel tied down.

So head over to SIGN UP NOW button and let's get this thing done!

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