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Protect Your Business Boundaries

You have the right to say "NO!"

✨It's time to say HELL YEAH! to you and what YOU want (instead of only pleasing your clients).

  • You're over being taken advantage of.
  • You want to make sure that your business boundaries are respected and you can't wait any longer.
  • You're ready to stand up for yourself without apologising, but it's not easy when the person in question is a client.

✨Set your boundaries and live your business life on your terms.

Protect Your Business Boundaries

The moment you have the courage to set boundaries in your business, the world starts opening up.

Setting business boundaries helps support a healthy working life...and healthy working relationships.

Yet, so many people lack this crucial skill.

Is that you?

Do you want to set business boundaries? Boundaries which stick?

✨It's time to protect your business boundaries. 

Protect Your Business Boundaries is a BRAND NEW fast, simple and effective 1-2-1 Coaching that teaches you how to set boundaries in your business and working life.

I am here to help people LIKE YOU learn the skills they need to assert their rights and stand up for themselves without apologising. 

Protect Your Business Boundaries and Set Limits on How You Want to be Treated.

The NEW! 121 Coaching Session "Protect Your Business Boundaries" helps you:

  • set meaningful boundaries for dealing with clients without fear
  • assert your rights in your business or work with a customised action plan just for you
  • get clear on what those rights are and why they matter
  • all whilst preparing for the potential challenges so you can keep on setting boundaries with confidence.

How does it work?

It is truly simple yet effective.

  1. You click a button to sign up now
  2. There'll be a few questions to answer about what help you are looking for
  3. You choose a time and day to suit you via my online calendar via a link I will email to you (remember to check NOTIFICATIONS/SPAM)
  4. You have a fab 60 minute private 1-2-1 Zoom session with me, Coach Rachel Bentley
  5. You go away with your personal actions based on our time together
  6. AND 'Healthy Boundaries Planner: A Simple Guide to Help You Define and Protect Your Personal Space in Business'.

Setting boundaries is all about asserting your rights - be it work, home or socially*. They help support a sense of self-worth and independence by defining the line between what is acceptable for others to do or to ask you to do, and what isn't. 

And setting boundaries also helps you give yourself permission to have needs and wants too.

Set your business boundaries and live life on your terms.  You ARE worth it! 

*Heads Up - in our session we will concentrate on business or work scenarios BUT the skills are transferable.

"Talking to Rachel gave me the clarity and confidence to follow my intuition but also go outside of my comfort zone in a balanced and realistic way." 

- Feedback from 121 Client

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included and how much time do I need?

In our 60 minute zoom meeting, together we will check the business or work boundary you selected (there's a quick exercise prior to the session) and why you struggle to keep it (and what to do instead) finishing by selecting what to say to help you keep it in future.  

How much will it cost and when can I see you?

Not a lot! £99 as an opening price. Please note - this session is only available certain days and times of the week so numbers are limited so book as soon as you can to grab your place - let's get this started!

Did I hear you mention a bonus?

YES! You will get my Healthy Boundaries Planner: A Simple Guide to Help You Define and Protect Your Personal Space too!

Why Work With Me?

You're working hard to build your business but it's wearing you out. You don't want to offend anyone, so you let them speak and treat you any way they want. 

I know all about this.

I seemed to be juggling everything and pleasing everyone - everyone except myself!

Answering queries which could have been answered in my group or at a 121 session almost 24/7 was exhausting - and I knew it wasn't how to do business or how to protect my own boundaries.

I realised that my time was being taken up giving 'free' consultation, time which could be given to paying clients or focusing on my loved ones.

Something had to change. And it did! 

I had a good look at my time, which helped me value it more. I taught myself skills to still help, but on my terms. And made it possible to feel like my clients and audience were getting a good deal, without it costing me my soul!


You ask, why me? I am a qualified coach and marketing professional with decades of experience. I am able to bring my expertise and personal learning together with the proven ability to guide clients to their new future, to quickly help you protect your business boundaries now and forever.

It's time for a change.

For everyone who ever felt they want to stay true to themselves without feeling like they were being mean to others in order to do that.

Protect Your Business Boundaries is here to help show you how to assert your rights in a direct non-combative way without apologizing... 

So are you ready to set business boundaries you deserve AND stick to them?

If you're already doing a little happy dance (!) then click the button and sign up now:


£99 Protect Your Business Boundaries Session


  • 60 minutes 1 on 1 time on zoom
  • PLUS a free guide you can take away and use for ALL your boundary setting
BUY AT £99 (worth £148) NOW! (ends 30 June)

Not ready to Sign Up? 

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There's no small print with me so here's the low down (more in Terms of Service when you sign up).

  • There will be some short pre-work (30 mins max) ahead of our session so please make sure you allow yourself time to do that when you book. 
  • You get ME to help YOU and you are able to make a fab recording of our session on your computer if you wish (you need to dial in on the device set up to record using zoom eg laptop or desktop.)
  • Cancellations or rescheduling available up to 48 hours before the session so you don't feel tied down.
Specific Service Related Terms and Conditions are in the sign up area with full Privacy Notice and General T&Cs in my website here.
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